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The PC version of Call of Duty Mobile has a new update that includes better weapons. High texture, resolution, and fixes several games bugs. Call of Duty Mobile Update Patch Notes Update 21 implements a new mode, weapon, vehicle, weapon attachment, a reward system for fulfilling certain criteria during matches, and multiplayer improvements. Download now Call of Duty Mobile Update Patch Notes from this official website of Call of Duty Mobile. Download Call of Duty Mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile Update Patch Notes Update 21

Call of Duty Mobile Update 21 let you train on different techniques without being fear of killing. Occurring on a little island- – just 200×200 km- – the training and preparation mode contains 14 zones for experimenting with various aptitudes as well as skills. You’ll have the capacity to work on jumping off-ramps in vehicles, moving on curving streets, controlling vehicle speed, guiding a vessel, driving rough terrain, shooting on various firearm ranges, arriving in a parachute, free-running over housetops, swinging distinctive weapons, attempting diverse projectiles, and observing the effects of consumables. So, what are you waiting for? Download Call of Duty Mobile Update Patch Notes for free. You can also enjoy Call of Duty Mobile APK for PC by using official Call of Duty Mobile Emulator.

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Call of Duty Mobile Update Patch notes add much more to the game also, including a target framework where you’re rewarded for finishing certain errands amid matches- – like resuscitating colleagues a specific number of times or managing a specific measure of harm with one assault. There’s likewise another important sight, which fits into the grip opening on rifles. You’ll likewise have to put markers on your compass, which ultimately also guides to your colleagues’ compasses as well. This encourages you to decide the indicate the risk more effectively when your group is positioned at various points on the battlefield. If you are facing the space issues then you may also try Call of Duty Mobile Lite Version or Call of Duty Mobile Highly Compressed.

Season 3 Update is Live! A brand-new ranked season is now available.

‘Call of Duty Mobile’ update 3.0 has released, and it adds the new Battle Pass. Phantom is the big feature of the of the patch. 

Download Call of Duty Mobile Update Patch Notes

This is the best opportunity given to gamers so that they can enjoy gaming more. So, if you want to be more realistic and want to have more fun and enjoyment download this incredible Call of Duty Mobile update Patch Notes and have fun with new and updated guns, weapons, maps and as well as one battlefield. Enjoy and have fun with your friends, team up with your friends in this game and beat the enemies badly.

New ranked rewards, including Black Ops III weapons, Yellow Snake series and more!

Ranked Improvements

  • Updated user interface
  • Highjacked map displaced from ranked MP
  • Improved matchmaking balance
  • Reduced point deduction for losses under Master
  • Control single round score changed to 75 in ranked
  • Increased penalty for repeatedly quitting
  • TDM score changed to 50 in ranked

Battle Pass

  • Premium Battle Pass value has been reduced
  • Introduced New Premium &Free Battle Pass Rewards!
  • Battle Pass ranges have been decreased to 50, high-value content has endured


  • New Limited Time Mode
  • New Maps like Scrapyard and cage
  • New Operator Skill – H.I.V.E
  • New Scorestreak – XS1 Goliath

Battle Royale

  • New vehicle
  • Limited Time Battle Royale Mode Warfare
  • Space and Time have distorted
  • Reveal a new battle area soon